Sunday Worship

God is worthy of our praise and by His very nature deserves our adoration. It is a pleasure to worship God, just because He is awesome

Jesus died on the cross so we can live in true freedom, and so we give Him thanks and praise for what He has done and continues to do. For all the gifts, graces, blessings and opportunities.

This also encourages us to see God at work in our lives on a daily basis and live each moment with a thankful heart.

Spending time in God’s presence makes us more like Him. When we come to worship we are so often aware of our own sin and weakness.

But God wants us to come to Him just as we are – bringing our fears, failings and brokenness as well as our joys, hopes and desires.

When we give our whole selves to God He renews us, heals us and brings us closer to His heart. And then we actually start to look more like our Father who made us.