Pastor Sam Kallada Thomas


Pastor Sam Kallada Thomas is a pastor and teacher of the word of God. He did his biblical education in the state of Kerala India and in 2012 receiving his Masters of Theology from Bethel Bible College. After getting his degree in Masters of Theology, Pastor Sam was involved in the bible ministry by mission work in the State of Bihar and Kerala India among the rural tribes which even to the current day even though he is unable to be there physically. Pastor Sam started to teach the word of God in churches in the state of Kerala and soon taking the responsibility of filling in for other pastors as needed in there absence. He held many responsibility such as professor, president of PYPA Puthupally center as well as vice chairman and board of trustee for Peace Child Foundation India.

Pastor Sam traveled to many country preaching and teaching the word of God and enlighten people to the Jesus who is taught in the Bible and defending against the faults teaching which is spreading like wild fire in these last days. Pastor Sam took the responsibility as the Pastor of India Pentecostal Church of Seattle after the leading of God and continue to preach and teach to the people in the pacific northwest area and to the world through the social media facebook and YouTube. He does travel to other parts of the world by the invitation of children of God to learn from the word of God though him. Pastor Sam is married and has a beautiful daughter and lives in the state of Washington.